Cittaslow Katoomba Blue Mountains


Cittaslow Katoomba Blue Mountains is the first village to be endorsed in NSW and the starting point from which all villages in the Blue Mountians will eventually be included.

The aim is to link with as many organisations and businesses in this region as possible to support the region's economy and strenghten its social fabric. And the internet is a wonderful way to do this.

A comrepehensive list of like-minded entities and individuals is being gathered with the view to supporting them and in turn being supported by each other, so please contact us regarding linking to our web site.

Once we have established our base and procedures, it will foster and encourage other villages outside the Blue Mountains to consider seeking endorsement as a cittaslow too. This is the start of the Australian Cittaslow Network after all.

Cittaslow connections

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Blue Mountains City Council

For any village or town to be a Cittaslow, it is essential that the local government body be strongly linked with and supportive of the activities of that community. Accordingly, in 2007 when accreditation of Katoomba Blue Mountains was sought, the Mayor at that time fully embraced the concept and pledged to uphold and promote the principles embedded in being a Cittaslow. The two organisations share many common aspirations and ideals as well as practically enabling development of a stronger and healthier community of the Blue Mountains..

Today and into the future, the BMCC continues to facilitate the expansion and uptake by individual, buisnesses and organisations of the Cittaslow way of life: valuing our people, place and heritage For this we are very grateful.

Please visit for more information about how your council is working for our needs and how we might assist them, on our behalf.

Also, vivist for ways to live for in harmony with our surroundings.

Cittaslow Katoomba Blue Mountains

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