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5 Ways to Support Your Community

Five Ways You Can Support Your Community


We are privileged to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth - the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains!   The Blue Mountains has had the honour of recently being endorsed as a Slow City (Cittaslow) and now has the title Cittaslow Katoomba Blue Mountains.  Along with Goolwa in South Australia and Yea in Victoria, we are the first Cittaslows in the Southern Hemisphere! (There are currently around 166 Cittaslows, mostly in Europe.)Cittaslow towns take the time to identify what is important and special about their town and its surrounding area and put in place strategies to preserve their unique qualities, making life better for everyone.


To sustain and preserve our community and unique way of life, there are ways we can support our community.

1.     Know who our local food producers are and, where possible, use their product.

We have locally-grown berries, olives, chestnuts, hazelnuts, honey, handmade chocolates, muesli, jams, lemon and passionfruit butters, breads and much, much more.  A list of our food producers can be found via the “Food Producers” link on the home page.

2.   Create a kitchen garden and grow your own vegetables.

Get your kids involved and share with them the joy of growing and eating your own vegies.  Ask your local nursery for hints and tips and about seasonal vegetables. Get involved in, or start a Community Garden.  The Blue Mountains Community Garden is located in Victoria St, North Katoomba, just near the corner store and a short walk from Katoomba Railway Station.  Extra helpers are always needed!  Working Bees are held every Friday morning.

3.  Support our artists: 
We are the Inaugural City of the Arts! When next you need to buy a gift, consider giving something produced by one of our talented artists.  If you have a business, make a point of displaying local art in your workplace, reception, foyer, or guest rooms if in the hospitality industry.  Have a mini gallery wall in your guest house, bed and breakfast, business, cafe or restaurant, with displayed artworks for sale. To find out more about our vibrant arts community, pick up a copy of the Arts Blue Mountains Cultural Directory, which is available at most tourism information centres, and galleries.  Alternatively contact the publisher and editor, Carolynne Skinner on 4757 4001 or e-mail .  Another useful publication is the Blue Mountains Artists Studio Trail, so that keen arts supporters can visit artists� studios direct.  For copies phone 0247829437 or visit

4. Keep our Villages and Streets Clean and Beautiful.

Graffiti is a major issue and the best deterrent is to remove any graffiti as soon as possible.  Make graffiti your responsibility as well:  Adopt a wall/section in your village, street or local area that is being constantly vandalised and remove any new graffiti quickly. Citroclean, an Australian-made citrus multi-purpose cleaner, is ideal for removing paint and pen.  (Please test a small area first and only treat small areas at a time, to eliminate ‘smudging’.  For stubborn tags, make poultice with the Citroclean and hold against paint/pen mark for a short period of time.) Citroclean is available from most supermarkets.  Another method is to keep small pots of paint matching paint colour on fence/wall you have “adopted” and simply paint over any new graffiti.  This is also the desired option if Citroclean proves ineffective/tag is old/surface is uneven.


Keep our public spaces clean and litter free. Don’t litter, pick up any litter in the streets.

5.     Nurture the environment and the distinctive features of our town and its surrounding areas.  Recycle as much as possible.  Walk, use public transport or cycle whenever you can!

Ifyou own or live in an historic building, protect and maintain it.  We are lucky to have such fine examples of Art Deco architecture, for example, in our region.  Give out copies of the KATOOMBA HERITAGE AND ART WALK to friends and visitors.  Copies of this brochure can be freely downloaded from or emailing cittaslowbluemountains@gmail,com.  If you have a web site, add the Walk to your website.

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