Cittaslow Katoomba Blue Mountains


Cittaslow International Poem

Ode to International Cittaslow Conference 2011 -

Lidzbark Warminski, Poland


From across the world we came

To gather in Lidzbark Warminski

And discuss how we see our towns and cities

To vision just how they might be


We shared, debated, planned and laughed

About vino, fromages, gardens and seas

Experiencing the pleasures and success we had

In the fair regions of Varmia and Mazvry


Cittaslow, Cittaslow, Cittaslow,

What a wonderful concept it is;

Bringing cultures and passions together

Forging alliances, friendships and peace


No matter the creed or tradition

Encompassing all genders and age

The Cittaslow family is growing

Through courage, collaboration and with ease


In Lidzbark the feeling was joyful

Not frivolous, combative or false

For we all see value and benefit in fun

And a world that gives time to pause


So what is Cittaslow to the world today?

How can it benefit and assist us?

Is Slow really what we need to embrace?

What differences, when and what fuss?


With very little effort one can see

The way eyes shine and smiles appeared

As visions and dreams were formed and built

When simple things in life are prized


Each village, town or city who came

Has experienced the warmth, love and pride

In their own unique circumstances,

Fulfilment and enjoyment they did not hide


For it is not for others to dictate or direct

What we may cherish and place worth on

And Cittaslow is built around honouring

The contributions we each make on our own


Were the world to proceed as it has,

Many feel it will not survive long

What better time and manner can there be

Than the ways that Cittaslow focusses on?


So it is with trust, feeling and experience

That we may in practice and theory

Look to the excellent model of Cittaslow
To adopt, embrace and so build our family.


Paul Payten 2011

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Cittaslow Katoomba Blue Mountains

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