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With so many wonderful people producing such a wide range of local goods and services aligned with Cittalsow, it is a challenge to return the support they offer, so... each month we will be highlighting one partciular individual or business to illustrate the extent of our genuinely Blue Mountains based wealth. Watch this space or apply to be included. We thank all those who have the passion to make this real and alive.

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Join Cittaslow as a business member and you are eligble to feature here for one month or more at a very competitive rate.

Become part of the worldwide move towards fostering local and quality producers across the 150 Cittaslow towns now existing: from Korea, China and Japan to the UK, USA and Norway.

Your community and the world needs you and we can support each other. Also. you may be eligble to use the Cittaslow logo on your marketing and promotional material as well shop/business and/or vehicle/s. Just as us how.

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Producer of the Month - November 2011

Cloudlands katoomba accommodation

Katoomba accommodation blue mountain australia

Blue Mountains Accommodation Australia at Cloudlands Katoomba offers an Elegant and Spacious Romantic Mountain Lodge

The eco-elegance of historic Cloudlands is good for the environment, too!

The good traveller

Our bedrooms with luxurious, environmentally-superior alpaca wool quilts are bathed in soft, sleep-inducing colours and are themed on Australian wildflowers. Beautiful linen and electric blankets are on all beds.

All electricity is supplied by the numerous photovoltaic panels at no cost ot the environment.

Looks what's at the bottom of our garden!
Looks what's at the bottom of our garden!

For more information and contact details, go to

Why is an accommodation business seen as a Producer?

In the case of Cloudlands and many other Blue Mountains hospitality businesses, it is renowned for creating or producing calm, peace of mind and a state of relaxation. More and more these are sought for their own inherent value in our fast moving world.

 Also, some of the consumable products available at Cloudlands have been produced on site or sourced from the local artisans and growers such as eggs, vegetables, soaps and more. The hostess, Anne Elliott, believes that these offer love and care to her clients and are highly prized by her them.

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