Cittaslow Katoomba Blue Mountains


We made it!

And so the big day arrived.... Did we achieve the goal or will there be more work required?  What is the next step if we are accepted? Many more questions hovered in the air and with the anticipation of a child going to school for the first time, the official ceremony began. In attendandce was the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and other distinguished guests, many of the working party and some partners, as well as the four lovely folk from Italy who have lived cittaslow and who were so supportive.

No notice or indication had been given prior to the delegates arriving so the hard working team put on best faces and crossed fingers as we headed towards the pivotal announcement.

Well, it seems to have preordained as, all of a sudden, we were being presented with the Certificate and our very own flag to show that, indeed, Katoomba Blue Mountains had become a Cittaslow. What a thrill and a privilege and now we can get stuck in to spreading the word and becoming a truly Cittaslow community.

Cittaslow Katoomba Blue Mountains

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