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7. Brochures & Flyers on local organisations and Memberships:

If you are new to the Blue Mountains or have not ventured far into your community as yet, then this section will assist you find support and connections for your interests or ideas.  From business to research, there are groups and organisations that offer programs or information and even systems that you can tap into or, to which you can offer your time and energy.  Get involved and develop skills, your business and friends.

Biznet is the central regional body for all Chambers of Commerce across the Blue Mountains.

BMWHI - Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute is the organisation that carries out research into and education about the natural environment and which administers the World Heritage listed Greater Blue Mountains.

BMBA - Blue Mountains Business Advantage is a unique program designed to engage all businesses and organisation in being sustainable, so supporting and maintaining the vibrancy and viability of our region. (Note as at 2014: Contact the Blue Mountains City Council for information about BMBA)

Cittaslow Katoomba Blue Mountains

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