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6. Our Produce and Products: Cittaslow Register

Due to the nature of the terrain of the Blue Mountains, there is limited space in which to grow produce for local consumption so much has been imported from elsewhere and still is to provide for the local demands.  Artistic and cultural activities abound, along with a resurgence in producers establishing themsleves here and this section illustrates and lists both tangiable and less tangiable 'homegrown' products.  If you are setting up a garden or studio to grow or create, consider being listed on this register and support yourself and the region.


When it comes to being first to promote more fresh, local and organic foods, Slow Food was the first in this region. However, now that Cittaslow Katoomba Blue Mountains has been enstated, this network for preserving local fruit and nut trees has become part of the list of projects endorsed and actively supported as part of our valued produce.


We are developing a network of fruit and nut growers and expanding lists of fruit and nut trees grown in the Blue Mountains on both public and private land. The register was initiated by Slow Food Blue Mountains to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, skills and produce associated with fruit and nut tree growing.

(See the attached form to register your interest, inform us of a tree or to offer skills or knowledge.)

The network promotes information and organises activities to assist in:

� sharing surplus produce;

� sharing of knowledge about local fruit and nut production;

� developing links between growers and value adders;

� preventing the loss of old varieties of food-producing plants.

The network has distinct lists of:

� fruit and nut trees grown in the Blue Mountains;

� local fruit and nut tree growers who are prepared to share their surplus;

� people with special skills in growing and making things from fruit and nuts;

� those wanting help in collecting, storing and preserving the produce.

We have developed a protocol for the lists, including protecting privacy where requested. The list of fruit and nut growers prepared to share surplus produce is limited to gifting or in-kind exchange (such as fruit now for jam later).

Commercial growers are invited to register details of what they grow and where. Everyone organising workshops is encouraged to use our network for promotion.

Cittaslow and Slow Food Blue Mountains preserve and promote local food culture, biodiversity, and taste education. Both organisations are continually organising activities involving chestnuts, fruit growing, jam making, field visits, and workshops, such as cutting for propagation onto rootstock.

Long-term goals include growing, harvesting and distributing more food throughout the mountains. Collecting information on the foods being produced and consumed for analysis will help us to plan to improve local food production.

An initial map of some fruits on public lands in the Blue Mountains is at Chekhov's Three Sisters Second Hand Books, opposite the Katoomba railway station, 84 Bathurst Road. Frans Timmerman generally opens the shop at 10.30 am and works through till 6 pm everyday except Mondays (4782 2235). This map will be revised once we have more plants and people on our register. You can read and/or pick up notices about the fruit and nut network there too.

For more details ring Anitra Nelson on 4782 9003 or email:

Cittaslow Katoomba Blue Mountains

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