Cittaslow Katoomba Blue Mountains


1. Welcome Letters

Dear New Resident, Business, or Property Owner

Welcome to the Blue Mountains!  We hope the CITTASLOW WELCOME PACK will serve as a guide to the numerous cultural, community, environmental, business and other organisations active in our dynamic community.

You have chosen to be part of a unique destination, in an ancient World-Heritage listed landscape and since March 2007 a Cittaslow (Slow City), part of an international network of cities where the quality of life is appreciated and preserved.  The privilege of  being  a stakeholder in this region brings with it responsibilities  and it is hoped this pack will act as a resource enabling you to make contact with individuals and organizations in your areas of interest, contributing even further to the quality of life in our region.

Cittaslow has been described as "an urban economic leadership model and a way to achieve sustainable urban development through programmes that address concerns for environmental protection, economic development and social equity" (Davis 2005).  The CITTASLOW WELCOME PACK is therefore a reflection of these key elements.

Please become a part of our community.  Send your name, contact number and email address to  so that you can be given updates and newson Cittaslow activities, events and projects in the Blue Mountains.

Yours sincerely

Paul Payten

Convenor Cittaslow Katoomba Blue Mountains

Cittaslow Katoomba Blue Mountains

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