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Welcome Pack

Welcome Pack

Welcome to Cittaslow Katoomba Blue Mountains...

If you are reading this then you are curious about how Cittaslow relates to you here in the Blue Mountains or, you are aware it and may want to get more involved in your community.  For whatever reason, we welcome your interest and the information contained in this section offers resources, directions, insight and maybe even a new way of living and doing business in this beautiful and unique environment we call home. 

Please make use of and enjoy whatever you find here and if you have something to contribute, please let us know, even if it just a comment, additional material or to raise an issue.  We aim to create a collaborative, supportive and sustainable region as an example of good living in the 21st century.  Click here to contact us


Welcome Letter from Cittaslow Convenor, Anne Elliott

Welcome Letter from Mayor, Blue Mountains City Council


About Cittaslow
Cittaslow: Five Ways You Can Support Your Community 


Local Contacts: Services and Business


Our Celebrations and Festivals: What's On and How to find out more


Sustainable Blue Mountains and Community web sites


Our Produce and Products: Cittaslow Register


Brochures & Flyers on local organisations and Memberships:

                 Blue Mountains Tourism Limited

                 Blue Mountains Accommodation Association

                 Blue Mountains Attractions Association

                 Blue Mountains Business Advantage program


                  Blue Mountains World Heritage National Park


Slow Food Blue Mountains

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