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Five Ways You Can Support Your Community

We are privileged to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth: the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains! The Blue Mountains has had the honour of recently being endorsed as a Slow City (Cittaslow) and now has the title Cittaslow Katoomba Blue Mountains.

Globally there are around 140 Cittaslow towns and growing - mostly in Europe. Cittaslow Goolwa in South Australia and Cittaslow Katoomba Blue Mountains are Cittaslow pioneers in the Southern Hemisphere!

Cittaslow towns take the time to identify what is important and special about their town and its surrounding area and put in place strategies to preserve their unique qualities, making life better for everyone.

To sustain and preserve our community and unique way of life there are ways we can support our community.

1. Know who our local food producers are and, where possible, use their product.

We have locally-grown berries, olives, chestnuts, hazelnuts, honey, handmade chocolates, muesli, jams, lemon and passionfruit butters, breads and much, much more.  A list of our food producers can be found on our website

2. Create a kitchen garden and grow your own vegetables.  

Get your kids involved and share with them the joy of growing and eating your own vegies.  Ask your local nursery for hints and tips and about seasonal vegetables. Get involved in, or start a Community Garden. 

The Blue Mountains Community Garden is located in Victoria St, North Katoomba, just near the corner store and a short walk from Katoomba Railway Station. 

3.  Support our artists. 

We are the Inaugural City of the Arts! When next you need to buy a gift, consider giving something produced by one of our talented artists.  If you have a business, make a point of displaying local art in your workplace, reception area, foyer, or guest rooms if in the hospitality industry. 

To find out more about our vibrant arts community, pick up a copy of the Arts Blue Mountains Cultural Directory, which is available at most tourism information centres, and galleries.  Alternatively contact the publisher and editor, Carolynne Skinner on 4757 4001.

Blue Mountains Artists Studio Trail for keen arts supporters who wish to visit artists' studios. direct Another useful publication is the Blue Mountains Artists Studio Trail, so that keen arts supporters can visit artists' studios direct.

4. Keep our Villages and Streets Clean and Beautiful.

Our views extend beyond our fences, so we can enhance our neighbourhood and outlooks by creating verge street gardens, regenerating surrounding bushland and maintaining any structures or buildings in our line of sight. Contact the local council for assistance and information. Some areas require care due to being bush fire prone.

There is real pleasure in taking action on your own behalf so be the one to pick up litter or remove rubbish from nearby bush. Street groups with a target create goodwill between neighbours, safe and clean surroundings all year round. Form your own street 'mob' and care for your own piece of our beautiful country.

Prevention of graffiti is the best cure and it can be your responsibility. Start with your family or neighbours. The best deterrent is to engage our young people of our villages in alternative activities and interests to, such as gardening, music or art. In the meantime, it does send a strong message if we remove any graffiti as soon as possible. As a remedy, adopt a wall/section in your village, street or local area. (Choose an Australian-made natural cleaner for removing paint and pen).

 5. Nurture the environment and the distinctive features of our town and its surrounding areas. 

Recycle as much as possible

Walk,and use public transport or cycle whenever you can!

If you own or live in an historic building, protect and maintain it. 

We are lucky to have some fine examples of Art Deco architecture in our region and a DIY guide of the KATOOMBA HERITAGE AND ART WALK can be downloaded at

Cittaslow Katoomba Blue Mountains

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