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It is the privilege and opportunity for any community to embrace the Cittaslow way of living and it is encouraged that more and more communities choose to do so. However, in order to create villages or towns as authentic cittaslows it is required that they seek the endorsement by the international Cittaslow organisation.

To be endorsed as a Cittaslow, a community of no more than 50,000 inhabitants needs to be seen to take responsibility for addressing a range of criteria encompassing various areas of their environment, both built and natural. Once endorsed, a Cittaslow continually monitors and improves the designated characteristics of its precinct and surroundings to extend the quality of life that is 'cittaslow'.

These recognised cittaslows across the world are leading examples of how to sustain wellbeing and viability for the changing future we face, regarding food and fuel, to name just a few areas of uncertainty. Cittaslow is a framework that initiates means of adapting and continuing life in a more distributed, self-reliant fashion.

See the other sections for what is required to attain endorsement and start talking with your friends and neighbours about how it could work for you.

Endorsement of use of logo

The logo may also be used for other appropriate and specific reasons that align with Cittaslow principles, so please submit a request to use the logo for your organisation or an event and it will be assessed as per the relevant criteria above.


Condition of use

To become eligible to use the logo, a business or group is required to submit a statement of evidence in writing addressing at least 3 of the above criteria.  Each submission will be assessed on its merits by the Management Committee, established to manage and administer Cittaslow Katoomba Blue Mountains.


Criteria for use of logo by business or organisation

1.  Must be a member of ONE of the following:
           Slow Food Blue Mountains
           Blue Mountains Lithgow Oberon Tourism
           Blue Mountains Accommodation Association
           Brand Partner � Blue Mountains Business Advantage program
2.  Be a locally-owned businesses, organisation or event
3.  Demonstrate a high degree of commitment to the community and the environment
4.  Nominated by at least 1 other business or organisation
5.  A commitment to hospitality and service
6.  Awareness of and commitment to 'sense of place' values

Businesses that are successful in applying for use of the logo receive a Certificate of Endorsement to display and add to their marketing material.

Note: Exceptions to the above may be granted subject to approval.

See attached document


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Seeking Endorsement Wins Endorsement

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