Cittaslow Katoomba Blue Mountains



In order to become a Cittaslow, much needs to be done in the way of assessing the local community, gaining support from the local government body and other organisations, gathering and compiling of evidence, as well as developing a solid base from which to put in place the initiatives undertaken, if the submission is successful.

The list of criteria to be met was daunting and almost beyond the sum of the parts of those involved. Yet with energy and dreams, the group of dedicated volunteers managed to complete this process in a very short time and to garner the good will of many more from many parts of the region.

Self-assessment is a difficult thing, especially with no benchmark to work against and yet there was sufficient knowledge, skill and aspiration within the working party, especially from the convenor, that the goal was seen as achievable. The boxes in the template were ticked, the scores tallied, certificates and data collected, photos taken and clear plans made.

So, with a total of just over 7kg of docmentation and a DVD, funded by the BMCC, all packaged up safely and sent off ot Orvieto, Italy, the waiting commenced. We had scored ourselves as best and as honestly as possible and that is all we could do. Perhaps a few wishes and prays were offered too, that couldn't hurt, surely.

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Cittaslow Katoomba Blue Mountains

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