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Cittaslow is about developing and maintaining a better community, environment and economy and the best way to acheive these aims is to involve people from all walks of life. Our community is about those who live here and each has his or her own gift and skill to offer so there are projects and activities being developed to enable each of us to contribute as best they can.

At present, a number of projects are already running, yet there are more planned for the coming months and suggestions for others are welcomed from individuals or groups, so please contact the Convenor or Marketing Team with your thoughts.

Future projects will include:

Ffashion - recycled, repurposed and natural fashion wear and accessories.

Incubators - specialised focus groups which initiate and support innovation and creativity in a range of areas.

Business endorsement - use of logo by appropriate businesses.

Community endorsement - supporting local community or individual initiatives.

More soon...

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Cittaslow Katoomba Blue Mountains

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