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25th May 2012

National Slow Town organisation meets for the first time

The inaugural AGM and Board meeting of Cittaslow Australasia Incorporated


With the recent accreditation of Yea as the third Australian Cittaslow (CHITTAslow - an internationally recognised Slow Town), joining Goolwa in South Australia and Katoomba in the Blue Mountains NSW, the Australasian Cittaslow Network is now established. The Network has been formed to promote the ideals of Cittaslow within Australia and New Zealand, support member towns and provide a central point of contact for those interested in the Cittaslow movement. According to the original Cittaslow manifesto, a Cittaslow is one where - people are still curious about times past, towns rich in theatres, squares, cafes, workshops, restaurants, and spiritual places, towns with untouched landscapes and fascinating craftsmen, where people are still aware of the slow passing of the seasons, marked by genuine products, respecting tastes, health and spontaneous customs...!.

The inaugural meeting of the Cittaslow Australasia Incorporation will be held in Katoomba 15th May 2012.

All members of the Board are volunteers and have been working on the organisation's Constitution and Assessment Criteria over the last few months to ensure their relevance for the Australasian conditions with the support of the International Director, Pier Giorgio Olivetti. Essential to any Cittaslow is interaction of the member towns with their local government and Mayors to build interest in and support for Cittaslow initiatives. The mayor of Blue Mountains, Cr Daniel Myles will host a mayoral reception on Tuesday 15th at 6pm in the Charles Darwin Gallery. The Mayor of Goolwa, Cr Kym McHugh and a representative of the mayor of Yea (Victoria) will attend.  The President of Cittaslow Australasia, Mrs Lyn Clarke said: "Cittaslow International relies on Mayoral support and involvement and I am delighted to have all three Mayors or their representatives at this occasion."

In spite of the busy schedules of the Board members, the Goolwa President said: "Hopefully everyone will be able to spend a little more time either side of the 15th to enjoy what Katoomba and the Blue Mountains have to offer." The local committee members are organising a Blue Mountains experience for the visitors.

For more details or to express interest in attending the dinner, please contact Paul Payten on 0414 705 958, e-mail to or visit

About Cittaslow
A Cittaslow is one where the community chooses to:
- implement an environmental policy which nurtures the distinctive features of that town or city and its surrounding area, and focuses on recycling & recovery;
- put in place infrastructure with a focus on environmentally-friendly use of land;
- preserve the history of a region, the important buildings and historical locations and making sure they are identified, protected and maintained;
- encourage the use of technology that will improve the quality of air and life in the city;
- support the production and consumption of organic foodstuffs;
- protect and promote products which have their roots in tradition and reflect a local way of doing things;
- encourage learning about food and where it comes from;
- encourage a spirit of genuine hospitality towards guests of the town or city.

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